Everyone deserves to receive a cookie that excites them! We use only the highest quality ingredients to create beautifully decorated and delicious tasting custom cookies for our customers.

Monarchs and Butterflies

I mentioned last week that I have a preoccupation with butterflies.  I found it quite exciting that my most recent client was a company named Monarch & Company.  I love that they are a women-owned company, because so am I!!  I was tasked by them to create cookies for Macy’s #AmericanSelfie campaign.  The campaign donates $1 […]

Butterfly Cookies

My grandmother passed away recently.  At her funeral service my super thoughtful brother Erik arranged to have butterflies delivered for us to release.  My grandmother’s name is Maria, and we originate from Mexico where the word for butterfly is mariposa, or as we say it “Maria-posa” so the butterfly has recently become a very heartwarming […]